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Cheese wheel 5.2020

Gimme Shelter!

The stay home stay safe restrictions have taken a toll on food-related businesses across the country. Events and even dinners with friends have been put on indefinite hold. Specialty foods and small producers have been particularly affected.

At the affinage, our aging room is full of the signature aroma of happy cheese. Our latest makes of T2SS alpine style cheese are beautifully aged and full of flavor. You can enjoy it anytime as a snack, alongside quince paste or fruit, or melted in a hot panini. We hope you will consider buying our cheese at our local retailers – Providore Fine Foods, and World Foods Portland – Everett and Barbur Locations.

Many Portlanders, including ourselves, have drastically limited their visits to grocery stores since the pandemic emerged. Yet we still still crave high quality foods. In order to bring our cheese to more folks and adhere to Oregon’s safe distancing and infection control best practices, we are developing a plan to sell pre-cut wedges of T2SS that can be pre-paid online. Our tentative plan is to take orders and set up central locations in the Portand area for pick-up on Saturdays. We will have your cheese packaged and can put it directly into your trunk.  If you are interested in learning more, please drop us a note.

Your health and safety are very important to us. We want to assure you we follow the Centers for Disease Control guidelines and State of Oregon requirements for controlling the spread of coronavirus.

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Pascal Affinage

Pascal Affinage arose from a passion to create artisanal cheeses and a love for nature. We want to be a part of a movement to be small so that we can bring you high quality cheeses that will delight your senses.