New Names, New Cheese

Teetoos Wheel

Call Me Teetoos

After input from several cheese aficionados and customers, we have changed the spelling (but not the pronunciation) of our signature alpine style cheese. T2SS has been re-named Teetoos! We hope our flavorful, umami-rich cheese will be easier for cheese lovers to pronounce and easy to remember when you look for it at your artisan cheese counter.

Adding the vegetable “ash” layer to our new Moufette cheese

New Cheese in the Works

Our cheesemaker dreamed of making a new cheese that reminded him of the “campagne” or countryside in France. In February, he created a new recipe for a Morbier-style cheese and made 4 wheels back at Roelli Cheese Haus in Wisconsin. We wanted to make a cheese that was similar to traditional Morbier but with our own flavor profile – a bit stronger tasting with the characteristic fine layer of vegetable “ash” between two layers of cheese. Friends and knowledgeable cheese folks gave it a thumbs up! It is definitely stronger smelling but smooth tasting cheese. The aroma and black stripe through the center conjured the name, Moufette. We’ve heard “intoxicating smell,” “aroma of buttermilk biscuits” and flavors of “alfalfa honey,” “butter butter,” with a tang. Needless to say, our taste testers said, “We want more!” So in July, Pascal Affinage made our first cheese “make” here in Oregon at Oregon State University’s creamery. This cheese reminds us of picnicking under a huge shade tree, looking out on an expanse of green grass surrounded by nature. We imagine sampling the cheese with a crusty baguette and fruit. We are excited and hopeful that our first Oregon-made and Oregon-aged Moufette will be a favorite of yours as well. If all proceeds well, it should be ready by October 2020.


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Pascal Affinage

Pascal Affinage arose from a passion to create artisanal cheeses and a love for nature. We want to be a part of a movement to be small so that we can bring you high quality cheeses that will delight your senses.